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We offer a wide range of bespoke services for our customers and are equipped to serve the IT demands of SMB's through to project work or professional services for large enterprises.

We specialise in designing, providing and maintaining networking solutions and base our service offering around 4 core pillars; consultancy, networking, security and support.

Our Services

A Guide to SFP Modules

The term SFP module in networking relates to a ‘Small Form-factor Pluggable’ (SFP) module. As speeds for network traffic broke past traditional copper limitations, network devices with the ability to provide an interface or modular slot for an SFP became ...
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Vulnerability & Patch Management

We recently spent some time with industry experts discussing the cyber security trends that they see through the vast amount of cyber attacks and logs they ingest across the globe. Interestingly, phishing attacks have taken a side-seat to vulnerability an...
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Certificate Management

Certificate management and the lifecycle management of certificates is being an increasingly prominent piece of work for most businesses. Unlike some services that renew automatically until specifically cancelled, SSL Certificates have a set expiry date. ...
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JGC IT Services provide me with network security services for my web design business that helps protects ours and my customers data. Their networking expertise is unmatched.


JGC IT Services has been a great help for my business. Their expertise have been invaluable to someone like me, who isn’t tech savvy. They’ve introduced useful tools and provide regular reports on my website safety with practical improvement suggestions. Highly recommended.

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